The firm

Siano & Martins Advogados Associados offers specialized, updated and dynamic legal services in Maritime Law, providing personalized service and direct contact between the main partners of the Firm and its customers.

By dint of judicious selection of clients and causes to be defended, the office operates with the full involvement of its staff in the various matters relating to Maritime Law, having specialized specifically in major maritime accidents involving collision, between vessels and between vessels and jetties, grounding, overloading fire, explosion, and in oil pollution by ships, terminals and ports, as well as in off-shore activities.

With its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, a branch office in Paranaguá and a representative in Vitória, the office is set up to act in all port cities in Brazil (including, but not limited to, Rio Grande, Porto Alegre, Imbituba, Itajaí, São Francisco do Sul, São Sebastião, Santos, Itaguaí, Angra dos Reis, Fortaleza, Suape, São Luiz and Manaus), drawing on the nautical and commercial expertise of its sênior founder, Luiz Roberto Leven Siano, a former naval officer and lawyer who holds a master’s degree in International Law and Economic Integration, and his partner Fabiana Simões Martins, who is also a lawyer and holds a master’s degree in International Law and Economic Integration, both from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ).

In order to provide specialized consultancy and training services in Maritime Law, Leven Siano established Dolphin Maritime Consulting in 1994, and together with Fabiana Martins, subsequently founded the office of Siano & Martins Advogados Associados in 2002, with a view to provide also legal counsel for litigation.

The firm has broad experience in dealing with major maritime accidents, having handled one of the most complex cases involving an oil spill from a ship in Brazil in 2004, involving over 11,000 complaints and 6,000 lawsuits, in addition to coordinating a team of 838 professionals and scientists.

For cases such as this, the office has an emergency response service which is used to implement the named 12 first steps for situations like this, consisting of permanent staff, as well as pre-selected local lawyers and correspondents in order to ensure the best cost-benefit ratio in responding immediately to emergencies. This includes legal services in litigation, negotiation and intermediary assistance with local authorities and claimants, in a secure manner to minimize losses and ensure that the customer receives future compensation, if applicable, rebutting all manner of abusive and illegal demands at all times.