David Henderson, Associate

David was as a member of the Siano & Martins team from 2004 to 2006 and returned in 2012. David has extensive experience in the maritime field having been involved in various different types of claims and incidents where P&I coverage is applicable. His professional activities range from preloading steel cargo surveys; accompaniment of bauxite carriage; repatriation of stowaways; cargo surveys to agreement negotiations, investigation and collection of evidence in collisions, explosions and oil spills; Maritime Court defence and ratification of sea protests in all regions of the country. He was one of the speakers at the XIXth. International Congress on Maritime Law held by the IIDM at Lisbon in 2014, lectures at the Superior School of Law in Rio de Janeiro (ESA) and IMAPOR. David assisted wit the transaltion into Portuguese of the York Antwerp Rules 2016.

Languages: David is fluent in English and Portuguese, understands Spanish and French and is studying Norwegian.


Registered with the Brazilian Bar Association at Rio de Janeiro




  • Steel products preloading surveys;
  • Accompanyment of bauxite carriage in the Amazon;
  • Repatriation of stowaways;
  • Cargo surveys for negotiation of agreements;
  • Investigaiton and collection of evidence in collisions, explosions and oil spills;
  • Defence at the Maritime Court;
  • Ratification of sea protests in all regions in the country.